Doing The Work

We are all human. We are all messy. We shouldn’t put each other on pedestals but we do, possibly because we know we ourselves would never survive up on them, not without falling. Perhaps we like to see people fall because it makes us feel better about our own flaws.

We often are afraid to be as beautiful and amazing as we are for fear we’ll falsely set ourselves above, or sometimes we long to get all up on that pedestal and then realize how isolating it is. We suffer when we fall and others laugh and assume it was that we weren’t doing what we were meant to do. We worry we were on the wrong path.

Pedestals or not, falling or climbing, there is nothing but the path that we each are on. We can fight the path, and become extremely frustrated, or we can accept the cup placed before us or the mantle offered our shoulders.

This can be a quiet thing. Be a good employee, paint, run Or it can be more visible. Lead, minister, heal. Any path can be subtle with a person simply doing the work, unnoticed, quiet, stalwart or it can be on a more public stage. There really is no difference as one truly never knows what impact one has. A single act of anonymous giving can change a life forever. Spouting off on television might never change a single person. Or both. Or neither.

It’s important to do the work, no matter the cost, if it really is the work you are meant to do.

How do you know it’s your work? Your path? As a friend of mine just told me, it might be something that like a frog, keeps jumping into your lap, uninvited, odd, but it doesn’t get the message to go away. It might be something you are terrified of, but chases you down like a hungry wolf. You might think, “This is not for me to do, I’d be too arrogant to take it on.” You might be doing it all along only refusing to see that what you are doing is THE WORK you are supposed to be doing. “It’s just HR/teaching/parenting.” you say to yourself, when everyone else can see it’s a calling. It’s there in your mind and heart when you fall asleep and when you wake up and it wants you to listen.

It won’t stop calling, is the thing. It will either make you miserable and drive you to abuse something (yourself, others, drink), or it will disallow success in other arenas.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? You’ve got one in the path itself and it’s waiting impatiently for you to walk it. Fear of failing and falling? Don’t get up on the pedestal to begin with no matter how tempting. Falling at ground level is a lot less painful! Skill? Skill comes as you walk, so get started and honor your power. Permission? You don’t need it. Those who would stop you are only limiting themselves in their own path.

Find others who have trod ahead, run and catch up. Hold their hands. Sing some songs as you walk towards your truest self, lighting the way and marking roads that others may follow.


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