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I’ve been thinking about letting the fields go fallow for awhile. I think it’s important for anyone involved in creative pursuits to rotate the crops a bit, let the nutrients in the proverbial soil come back.

My father was a composer/conductor and producer/teacher. Many years after he died I was able to read some of his journals and talk to my mother about his creative process. It appeared he moved between the production of art and the creation of art several times in his life. I suppose most artists feel called to one particular thing, and I suspect part of my father’s troubles was that he moved between the two.

He loved producing; nurturing others. He had so many people in his life that he helped, taught, that I still get emails some 30 years past his death. I’ve found letters from his students (more like adopted children) who talk about music as if the music is an entity driving them, but moreso, that music creates or is part of this bigger thing, community.

It’s heady stuff to think about. Both in terms of what I can offer as a producer and what limits me, what calls me and what I’m terrified of.

So. Fallow. I’ve done a lot this last year and I’m feeling this need to rejuvenate in some way. Ironically? Purposefully? The week after LAFF has been spent watching comedies filled with men like Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Rowan Atkinson, Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, documentaries on highly male bands like Fishbone and Pearl Jam, and listening to gentlemen rockers like Death Cab, Band of Horses, and Blitzen Trappen. And a couple of new bands I accidentally ran into at Bedposts (doing the after show), Nico’s Gun and Morning Teleportation.

Thing about LAFF? Ladies are funny. And I love pushing the circle wider and wider to get more and more exposure for women in comedy. Or rock. Or sex. But I dig the Dionysian element of creativity as much as the Demerteric. Which isn’t a word is it? You know what I mean. One needs receptivity and assertiveness, though both are part of all of us, male, female or genderqueer.

I myself am not always all that Dionysian. But I damn well appreciate it.

Anyway, all this to say, I’m excited about this summer being low on performance and production, and high on reading, music, seeing shows, absorbing sunshine, swimming, receiving, dinner parties (let me know if you want to have one!)

And playing music like this, over and over again.


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