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I am not a Christian, though I was raised one. The Easter story always moved me but made me weep each year, to think of the level of love and sacrifice required by one to save many. And it frustrated me as I got older and thought, “Heck if God is so powerful why on earth does he need a sacrifice?” And moved me as I was older still and realized the pagan history behind the timing of the rite, the images of death and rebirth, always bringing me back to the story of Demeter grieving for Persephone, lost to the Underworld six months of the year.

We grieve our losses and stop creating. But creation doesn’t like being underground for long and it spurs us to action, again and again, in surprising ways.

I love the story of Easter still, but now because I can experience all the readings of it-love and sacrifice, failure of omnipotent systems, rebirth and death and rebirth. Flowers and eggs. Spring.

Spring explodes in a frenzy in Texas, both physically with bluebonnets and wildflowers painting the fields and in terms of work! Festivals abound, conferences launch, people get up and active as much as possible before the heat of summer sequesters us to our homes and air conditioned offices. We hide more from the heat here, than the cold.

I’m looking ahead this Easter, feeling a sense of rebirth approaching. It’s been building for some time now, and I’m waiting for the baby to drop or the egg to crack, so that I can get to it. I’m aware there may be sacrifices to be made, hard hard work to be done, perhaps time to put old grieving aside to face a new future. This work, which I’ve mentioned recently, is not new work, though for me it is new in a way, yet also a culmination of much of my life. It is work that has been given to me with love from some universal force, and it is with love (and no small sense of fear) that I accept it.


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