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Oh. My. God. So many acronyms!

It’s been outofthisworldcrazytimes for me! Last Wednesday, Bedpost Confessions was offered a very unique opportunity to fill in for a cancelled panelist at SXSW Interactive, a great honor! The thing was? The panel was in less than 48 hours and we had a show on Thursday night, featuring some fantastic performances on gender including Andy Campbell, Sophia Agepedis, Morgan, Claire Evora, and a special viewing of the award winning short Fourplay San Fransisco!

The ladies rallied, both online and in person and came up with this content for the original topic “Sex On The Web-The Sabotage of Relationships?” and a panel was born.

We were also able to utilize the badge for interactive and I spent much of the weekend at panels about digital media and Internet Rage Headaches (with one of my favorite internet social justice activists, Jay Smooth), scandals such as WeinerGate and the web response to them and more.

There was networking, wandering about looking at millions of laptops, iPads and smart phones and wondering just what lucky technological rabbit hole I’d dropped into. I’m still processing lots of thoughts on the panels I was at and have a few posts planned for The Good Men Project, especially on how finding our way through these Internet fights can help us create spaces for less fighting and more effective conflict. Clear as mud? Yes, I think so, but I do have a plan!

After coming up for air, I worked with my illustrious LAFF co-producer Kerri Lendo to finalize the slate for the 2012 Ladies Are Funny Festival, and boy howdy is it a good one!

We’ve got all kinds of awesome performers coming in from out of town, and amazing folks from Austin proper! It’s always a little awe-inspiring to see the work that performers create. Comedy as absurdity, political statement, healing work. It’s powerful.

Because I’m feeling like sharing some of it (and god help me, as much as I dislike and am frustrated with political tactics, I will admit to a deep love of all political satire), I’ll pass on a video from one of our more provocative submissions accepted into LAFF, Reformed Whores, with their response to Rush Limbaugh’s calling Sandra Fluke a slut.

I look forward to singing this with them in person.


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