Aspirin Might Be Useful

In the news of the week, there’s been a panel on birth control. Well, apparently it’s on religious freedom and how people getting to choose birth control is impinging on other people’s rights to not take it. Or pay for it. Or have to hear about it.

Folks, I’m really mad about this one. I try to be diplomatic and kind, a seeking of bridges between opposing viewpoints and all that good conflict resolution stuff, but there are a couple of things some members of the religious right does that set me right off;

1) Attacking Marriage Rights for the LGBT community.

2) Attacking Reproductive Rights.

You (the general non-birth-control-taking-religious-freedom-seeking you) are more than welcome never ever to take the pill, use a condom, or withdraw prior to release, but you don’t get to tell me what to do.

People are big fans of birth control, because it lets us control our births. And poly cystic ovarian syndrome. And other things.

All manner of posts about it all over. From the Democratic women who left the hearing, to the woman who was invited to speak and then disinvited, to amazing Twitter skewerings from Amanda Marcotte, to Nancy Pelosi nearly losing her shizz over it, it’s been a difficult day.

I need an aspirin. For what aspirin is actually good for. You know, headaches.

As a good friend of mine noted on my FB posts, “So the panel that is supposed to figure out whether Obama tramples religious freedom is completely made up of people who think Obama tramples religious freedom. In other news: the Nazgûl will testify on the Hobbit threat later this day.”

That’s about right. But, what’s lovely about all this is that it really exposes the religious right for who they are and what they stand for.

(Makes me wish I could take my morning birth control pill all over again in the apparently witchy rebellious act of female defiance that it is.)

And many sweet moments of happy marriage for these gents (together for 53 years) who signed up to get married in Washington State. My own marriage never felt less threatened.


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  1. Makes you wish that frothy blend, santorum, could reproduce; maybe he’d find out that an aspirin was not sufficient to his newly expanded health care needs.

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