Break Your Heart, Learn To Fly, Stand Up For Love

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Today is Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, as part of a monthly meeting for the Pride and Equity Faculty and Staff Association, we watched the documentary, Out At Work. A stunning piece, the film follows three individuals who fought for workplace rights in the 1990’s. From a woman who was fired from Cracker Barrel in Georgia, to a man in Michigan that pushed back against extensive work place harassment and utilized his Union to end discrimination in the UAW, to a story of a couple in NYC pushing for domestic partnership benefits for city employees the film’s focus was on love. The freedom to love who you love and not be fired, harassed or denied insurance benefits based on sexual orientation.

It was a hard film to watch for a number of reasons. 1) there are still States with no protection from work place discrimination and firing due to sexual orientation or gender expression. 2) The level of hatred aimed at the people in the video was stunning. I have my issues with various groups, but never would I try to take their rights away. And all because of sexuality? Falling in love with the same sex? Such threatened voices and actions. 3) We need more activism, more courage. All three of the people in the video were just regular folk, who by fate or random chance wound up becoming activists, union leaders, board members in the fight for civil rights.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, there have been copious posts on the topic all over everywhere. Some of my favorites were found at Good Men Project and through a few friends on my Facebook.

Love With Abandon challenges us all to take love where we find it, when we find it, and to allow ourselves into the living of life, no matter the pain it might bring, rather than sinking into a half numb state in hopes of avoiding heart break.

Heart break is what happens to hearts that allow themselves to be open.

Don’t Fall in Love. Fly In Love
, gives some very timely and telling advice.

Falling in love isn’t hard to do, but staying in the air, that’s another thing altogether. Worth a read.

This poem hit me hard, probably because I sense the connection to activism within it.

Your love
Should never be offered to the mouth of a
Only to someone
Who has the valor and daring
To cut pieces of their soul off with a knife
Then weave them into a blanket
To protect you.


Finally, I’ll leave you with riveting song about love, pulled from myth and transformed into rock opera, here is a song about the origins of love. And what else is it we want but to sear and seal ourselves back together, to experience wholeness, merge our droplets back into an ocean of love, an origin of union.

Until such a time, we should all vow to fight for the rights of our citizens to love and be loved in safety, and with the protections afforded straight Americans. It is immoral any other way. We are better than that.


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