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7 responses to “Heresies

  1. Julie – I wish you would stop saying such Unreasonable Things when you post!

    The reasonable Person adapts themselves to the world; the unreasonable Person persists in trying to adapt the world to themselves . Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable Person.

    Gender Neutral after George Bernard Shaw. P^)

    • I’m tired, and I’m ill today. Do you mean I’m unreasonable and thus promoting progress?

      • David Byron

        Duh! of course he is saying you’re great.
        I’m the only one who will say a mean word to you about this essay.
        I’m just an ass sometimes 😦

      • DavidByron

        I am the bad guy for beating up on you. Everyone hates me now 😦

        Kidding! Well I hope.
        Still I felt it best to reply here not there.

        You are probably right about the amateur psychology; that stuff is usually bs. I didn’t mean it like “Oh this explains everything about you”, it was more “Oh this sort of reminded me of something”. The bargaining thing.

        Your article is really getting people talking.

        I’ve never had actual flu I don’t think. I get knocked down just by bad colds all the time. LeaAnn (my wife) says I get all grouchy then. What will happen with your play?

      • Ha! It’s not a true flu, it’s Cedar Fever, which in many ways is worse because it’s an allergic reaction to tree pollen. TREE SEX RUINS EVERYTHING!!!!! 😉 And Flu ends after a week. CF can go on for weeks. I thought I had it under control with the antihistamines.

        The play will go on. It’s Friday/Saturdays, so I’ll rest hard, drug up and have a shot of whiskey! It’s THEATER!

        No one hates you. I think. But I am glad people are responding to the piece. Means I’m getting someplace as a writer I think. Causing the thinking stuff to happen and that’s good. And I get that you were pushing me to keep thinking. Look, I want things to change. I’m not Amanda, or Liss, or have a speaker that loud. Maybe I will get one. But at least I”m shouting where I can.

  2. David Byron

    I am so sorry if I have been too much at GMP recently.
    Sorry sorry sorry!!

    I am thinking I’ll maybe take a break you know. I am just not very good at stopping myself before I become too much.

    Hope you are felling better.

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