All My Little Links

I’ve had a number of pieces up the past week or so. On the Good Men Project, I had two pieces focused on Sexual Vocabulary.

This one, is about consent and what it takes to get there.

This one is about furthering that conversation (or just getting it started).

Finally, this one at Good Vibes is about sexuality, aging and finding amazing older women to act as mirrors for us, so that we can see how beautiful and sexy we are no matter what the actual shiny glass tells us.

None of the topics I pick to write about have easy answers. None are easy to accept or digest. Sometimes I wonder why I write about things that surely make people uncomfortable, could well make me the topic of gossip at best or a kind of public enemy at worst. But I care about sexuality and healthy human relationships. Call it a calling of some kind, but it’s some of the most meaningful work I’ve ever done.


–Looking for one-on-one coaching on relationships, sexuality, life passages, or need support with personal or career goals? Seeking seeking a facilitator for your group or team to help promote healthy group dynamics and effective communication? Contact me here!

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