Back At It

The break was lovely and filled with food and deep cleaning of the house. Amazing how dirty a house can get with everyone in it is too busy to take any time with it.

I’ve not done too much writing in the past few days, though I did have a post republished on the Good Men Project, for their Heartbreak series and I posted a piece for Good Vibes on sex ed and kids. Some amazing pieces there. I encourage you to check it out.

I’ve got a few things cooking with gas right now-Gnap Theater Projects is in rehearsals for a Steampunk show which I think is really going to be marvelously complicated. LAFF is gearing up. Submissions will be open in a few days! Check the website for more information. I’m hoping to meet with the director of Journal To Save Your Life because the program sounds marvelous.

Bedposts has a show coming up on the 8th!

Also? I got a new iPhone4 and I’m kind of deeply in love right now. Totally.


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