Catching My Breath

I got back from an amazing trip to San Francisco last week, where I was proud to co-present Bedpost Confessions at the Make-Out Room on their first trip out of Texas. We had a really nice crowd and some amazing performers and damn didn’t I meet a lot of great people!

From Charlie Glickman to the fine ladies of Whore! Magazine, to dining at Garcon and The Passion Cafe, San Fran opened up her lovely arms with beautiful blue skies, clear air and fantastic scenery. I can’t wait to go back.

California, and San Francisco in particular, has a storied history of sexual freedom and a reputation as one of the places to go to discover yourself, to fight for your rights and to push against a more traditional frame. One of my closest family members (though not by blood) moved to SF when he came out in the 70’s and has lived their ever since. His move may have been inspiring to me, as I, a Texan born girl, growing up in a relatively small town in the south, moved to Seattle. That lovely city is another NW bastion of liberal politics and mores, and have always felt the deep difference between those West Coast cities and my southern/southwestern upbringing.

I love living in Austin and I love being a part of the fight for LGBT civil rights and of a burgeoning movement towards a kind of positivity connected to relationships and sexuality, which includes age appropriate sex education, work educating people about sexual violence and assault, and helping people gain more joy in their relationships. While I can imagine being part of the movement on the West or East coast would be thrilling, I think it’s also very important to increase awareness and do the work in areas that may not be as amenable to such things.

I’ll have more to say on that movement soon, but for now, I’m going to bask in the memory of a very wonderful time in an amazing place!


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