True Colors

I really love personality analysis type tests. The mack daddy of tests (or perhaps more accurately the mack mama) is of course the Myers-Briggs*. That test is incredibly comprehensive and is best taken when there is a trained facilitator there to help you make sense of the matrix of answers.

For a quick a dirty test (which always leaves me humming the above embedded song) that let’s you see your basic core personality trait (what motivates you, how you operate in the world), there is True Colors. It breaks the more complex MBPI into four colors, Blue, Orange, Gold and Green, and gives a good explanation of each.

For example, I am a Blue, and solidly so. My subsequent colors, in the order of dominance, are Orange followed very closely by Gold, with Green far at the end. That means I generally see the world through the lens of a Blue, basing decisions on feelings and valuing human interaction very highly. I appreciate and highly value emotive verbal validation and generally approach conflict from the point of diplomacy. While I can work well with Greens (who are driving highly by facts and data) I often find myself in mis-communication with them as I’m seeking my validation in a way they rarely give and vice versa.

These tests aren’t God’s Holy Word, mind you, though I’d trust them more then basing relationship and work styles on Astrology**. I find them the most useful in terms of working with groups. If you have a group of all Blues you might not wind up doing as well in the data management and task arenas. A group of mostly Oranges, with their high extroversion and competitive natures may be quite hard for a lone Blue or Gold to stand up against.

I’m thinking of all these things because I’m hosting a retreat this Friday and I may well ask my LAFF team to take the test as well. We all function really well, so far, but it couldn’t hurt to have more knowledge and understanding in our group tool kit so that we continue to function well and stay close***.

*I am an ENFJ
** I am an Aries/Pisces Cusp
***Spoken like a True Blue


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