I have been considering, more and more, the intersection of theater and politics. More accurately, theater and community and how that affects politics and social change. And also how it affects my life.

I’ve been performing and producing theater for quite awhile and I’ve never failed to be amazed at the effect it has on me emotionally-I nearly always feel like a better person after rehearsal or a good meeting. I nearly always come away from a show with richer experience from being in the audience.

And I earned a Masters Degree in work pertaining to organizational development, group facilitation and human relations. That work, the work of helping groups and communities grow healthier, more functional, has also never failed to leave me feeling hopeful and strong about the potential human beings hold, not only as individuals, but as forces of change.

So why have I never put those two things together? I suppose I have subconsciously always been drawn to theatrical groups who were thoughtful about how their systems worked, who focused on grounded work and meaningful artistic experiences. With improvisation, I’ve generally leaned towards storytelling and humor that comes FROM the story not jokes or gaggy riffs that take away from the character’s journey.

I also think, in my work life, I’ve been drawn to programs and projects that required lobbying, collaboration and an affection for event work. I’m considering that it’s time to narrow the space between the work I do artistically and the work I do professionally, to find the space where Art and Advocacy merge and it will be hard to tell which is which.

It’s a very exciting thing to think about.


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